My reeds are made in the traditional German style and were originally inspired by the reed style from the Classic Reedmaker Andreas Weigmann of Germany, with a few twists of my own that have evolved over the 25 years I have been making reeds. They are Medium - Medium/Soft in Strength.


They are made with high density, hardness tested select premium French tube cane imported and gouged by myself. The scrape is very quickly achieved with a high precision electric profiler which does not compress the cane fibres as much unlike the traditional hand planing machines.

After forming the blanks the reeds are left to settle for at least two weeks before 'tipping' and finishing off for playing.

The end result is a perfectly balanced reed that vibrates well with a smooth, warm, yet projecting tone. 



Strength:                 Medium Soft/Medium

Length:                                          55 mm

Shape:               Rieger no 5 (Weigmann)

                                very similar to Fox 2                                              

Blade Length:                                 27mm

Tube Length:                                  28mm

Tip Width:                                       15mm